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Balancing screen time and physical activity from a kid's perspective.

Physical activity is highly important to the developing bodies and minds of young adults. Many research studies show that kids who take breaks from their class work to be physically active during the school day are often better able to concentrate on their school work and may do better on standardized tests. There has been so much attention to standardized tests and academic performance that the importance of healthy habits and physical fitness breaks in schools, which are proven to improve the skills we need to perform, often are overlooked.

Physical Activity and Screen Time

Many schools, including my own, have turned to digital learning, which results in students increasing our screen time by learning with technology, such as tablets or computers. After school, we also utilize this technology to complete our homework. We are using modern tools to learn modern things, which is wonderful, but we have to make sure that we don’t let this necessary screen time also increase unnecessary screen time. Schools can play an important role in insuring that we make the best use of new technologies while also staying active.

As we use technology effectively during school, we might also be able to increase time for physical activity. Recess and PE not only help us kids get our recommended amounts of physical activity every day, but also help us get active enough so that when we sit down, we can properly focus. These are habits we can then take home and practice while we are doing our homework as well - using our new technology to do our work, and then putting it down to go outside and get moving.

If we create a healthy environment that equips every student with the knowledge and the confidence to become physically active, then we may see higher standardized test scores, improved behavior and confidence in all they do.

How do you balance screen time and physical activity?


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