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Make Some Noise for Active Kids

Today about one in three children and adolescents in the United States is overweight or obese. And for adults, 80 percent of us are physically inactive. Those are not the statistics that set the stage for a healthier generation. So, with your help, we’re trying to change that.

To spread the word about the lack of physical activity across the country, we’re launching #Commit2Ten, our largest campaign to date to challenge the nation to add 10 more minutes of physical activity a day. By adding just an additional 10 minutes of physical activity to our days, we can start and sustain the conversation about the importance of movement in the lives of our kids, and through that, create healthier, more active environments in the places youth spend their time.


This Is Where You Come In

As part of our campaign, we created a Thunderclap to give everyone an easy way to support movement with the simple click of a mouse. A Thunderclap is a bunch of people that believe in a cause who agree to send a tweet from their Twitter handle or Facebook post from their profile to support that cause.  To send this tweet, all you have to do is Join this Thunderclap and you’ll automatically be put on the list to send out the premade message below.

One tweet to all your followers can make a major difference in this effort to get our kids moving. So share this blog, share your support, and join the movement to give our kids every opportunity to live their healthiest lives possible.


“It's time to change the way kids move. #Commit2Ten to prove a little physical activity can make a big difference.”

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