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Greatist’s Ultimate 10-Minute Jump Rope Workout

Whether you’re looking to fit in an effective cardio session when you’re short on time or just want to become more proficient at dodging cars while crossing the street, this is the workout for you. All you’ll need is a properly-sized jump rope, a suitable surface for jumping (a flat, firm surface with a little give is best; avoid grass, artificial turf, dirt, and sand), and a timer.

Watch the Greatist team getting active in the office.

Keep these basic rules in mind:

1. Keep your elbows close to your ribs.
2. Don’t choke up on the handles.
3. Allow your ankles, knees, and hips to flex when you land.
4. Keep your jumps low.
5. Hold your hands waist-high.
6. Turn the rope mainly by rotating your wrist.
7. Turn the rope first, jump second.

How it works:

Perform each round for 60 seconds, resting in between with 20 crossover swings (10 per side). Do the full circuit 3 times.


1. Bell Jumps (30 seconds): Hop forward and then backward.

2. Skier Jumps (30 seconds): Hop from side to side.


Lateral Shuffle: Step to the side, one foot at a time. When you run out of space, switch directions.


Box Jumps: Jump forward, then to the left, then backward, then to the right, as if you’re jumping onto corners of a box.

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