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School Policies

Why Policy Matters

Healthier Generation improves child and youth health by informing school policy. Our efforts over the last decade influenced the extent to which schools implement evidence-based practices that promote physical activity and healthy eating. 

The school-focused policy issues that we support include wellness, physical activity, physical education, and nutrition. We also support the integration of student health and school wellness as states implement the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). 

Our Approach

Healthier Generation informs school policy through three key approaches: awareness building and mobilization, community activation, and thought leadership.

Current Policy Initiatives

  • Healthier Generation serves as the lead organization for the School Health Policy Consortium of Voices for Healthy Kids, a national public policy initiative aimed at reversing our nation’s childhood obesity epidemic. As lead of the Consortium, we convene 40+ national organizations who serve as subject matter experts to support passage of state and local public policies. This initiative is funded by the American Heart Association and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. 

  • Healthier Generation and Healthy Schools Campaign work together to support the implementation of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). This partnership develops and executes strategies to ensure that ESSA implementation supports student health and wellness. This project is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. 

Recent Policy Statements


Every Student Succeeds Act

Learn more about our work to support the Every Student Succeeds Act, which integrates student health and school wellness into education policy and practice