Empower your staff to create healthier environments for kids

Specialized staff training for positive outcomes while coping with COVID-19

In the wake of disruptions caused by COVID-19, school districts face the enormous task of meeting the emotional and educational needs of K-12 students.

To help meet this challenge, Education Stabilization Funds, provided through the CARES Act, are available to assist educators across the country in responding to and recovering from COVID-19.

Healthier Generation can help you create and implement a plan to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on the health and wellbeing of your students and staff.

See how our services directly support approved activities under the CARES Act.

Take the guesswork out of supporting the physical, social, and emotional health of your school community

What We Offer

Coaching and Professional Development

District staff receive personalized coaching & training from Healthier Generation experts with years of on-the-ground experience helping make youth-serving environments healthier. Our experts provide:

  • Customized training on our continuous improvement process and a range of topics including social-emotional learning, staff well-being, physical activity, and school meal programs
  • Step-by-step guidance on Healthier Generation’s digital Action Center
  • One-on-one virtual coaching sessions to support planning, implementation and sustainability of programming
  • Ongoing virtual technical assistance
  • Exclusive access to Healthier Generation’s online tools and resources to help district leadership more effectively support schools

Built-in Tools for Schools

By enrolling in Healthier Generation’s Action Center, schools will have access to a digital hub dedicated to helping create healthier environments for students and staff. Within the Action Center educators will find:

  • Virtual tools and resources for building school and out-of-school wellness teams
  • Online program assessments and action plans to track progress
  • Tools and templates to comply with federal school health regulations
  • Virtual training center featuring live and on-demand trainings to bolster school wellness
  • Expert guidance from national school health experts
  • Direct assistance available from Healthier Generation’s support team
  • Assessment data reports that track progress toward health and wellness goals
  • Relevant e-communications to build knowledge and encourage progress

Data & Reporting


Healthier Generation’s robust data systems provide unique, detailed reports about district and school progress towards creating healthy learning environments.

Exclusive Benefits

Tailored communications

with resources and information to meet your needs

Turnkey training

communication and promotional materials to deliver to schools

Personalized, real-time support

through our Member Engagement & Support Team

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Why Choose Healthier Generation?

Healthier Generation is a leading children’s health organization that works alongside schools and youth-serving organizations to ensure every child can grow and thrive.

We use an evidence-based approach
Physical and social-emotional health
We’re focused on physical and social-emotional health
Comprehensive assistance
We provide comprehensive assistance
Easy and rewarding
We make it easy and rewarding

“If I didn’t have Healthier Generation on my side, I couldn’t do my job. As a part-time wellness coordinator, I don’t have time to identify resources, develop content and recognize and celebrate all of our schools. Healthier Generation has been with us every step of the way.”

- Kate Turner, Wellness Coordinator

Durham Public School District, North Carolina

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