Health Education Trainings

Explore these opportunities for training and professional development on Health Education.

TitleTraining TypeDescription
Creating Fun and Healthy CelebrationsCourseAt the end of this training, you will be able to: - Watch the Creating Fun and Healthy Celebrations video and take note of tips that could be integrated into your school program. - Complete our Healthier Generation questionnaire to help identify what you have learned and what you can put into practice in your school community. - Check out our helpful resources to get you started.
Make a Splash with WaterCourseOverview of the important role that water plays in kid's health as well as strategies for making water exciting for youth. Participants will be able to: identify the role that water plays in kids' health and identify strategies for increasing kid's water consumption. Take the Next Step and Update Your Assessment!
How Did Those Germs Get There?CourseDo you ever wonder just how easily germs spread? Why is it so important that we thoroughly wash out hands and surfaces? Check out this short video showing how easily germs can spread and tips for helping to stop the spread! Take the Next Step and Update Your Assessment!
Exploring the Criteria of the Healthy Schools Program AwardCourseThe Criteria Explorer helps schools complete the application for the National Healthy Schools Award by providing detailed information and support for each of the required criteria. Alliance school health experts walk through each criterion, providing detailed insights on: - Who can help answer each assessment question - Why the criteria is important - What resources are recommended - What evidence of success is required for the National Healthy Schools Award application Take the Next Step and Update Your Assessment!
Teaching Healthy Habits: Improving Health Education in Your SchoolVideoModule 2: Health Education Learn new ways to improve your school's offerings from our National Health Education Advisor, Lisa Perry.
Wake County Public School System Healthful Living TeachersCurriculumWake County Public School System Healthful Living Teachers Curriculum Bundle
The Nuts and Bolts of Nutrition LabelsCourseBecome a nutrition detective by using a food label. Participants will be able to: identify the important pieces of label reading, demonstrate how to read a label, and what to look for. Take the Next Step and Update Your Assessment!
The Healthier Generation Store with Amazon Business – Smart Shopping for Smart SnacksVideoJoin us as we share information on our newest solution to help staff, parents, students and vendors more easily identify and access items that align with the USDA Smart Snacks in School Standards. On this webinar we cover details surrounding the Healthier Generation Store with Amazon Business – including why it was created, who can use it, and what activities it can support – as well as feature a live demo highlighting how the store works.
Nutrition is the Core to Your Curriculum!CourseLearn how to successfully implement a nutrition education curriculum at your out-of-school time site today! Participants will be able to: choose and implement an appropriate nutrition education curriculum that supports the needs and constraints of your out-of-school time program; identify the role that good nutrition and healthy eating play in the well-being of youth; identify the role nutrtion education plays in increasing participation and the likelihood that youth will take and accept healthy options. Take the Next Step and Update Your Assessment!
15 Tips in 15 Mins: Making and Modeling Healthy BehaviorsVideoEvery minute we have choices to make -- why not ensure yours are healthy? Tune in for 15 rapid fire wellness tips to kick off the new school year in a healthy way!
Creating a Wellness Vision & Gaining SupportVideoObjectives: Does your school have a wellness vision that inspires others to support your goals? Kick off the school year with tips for creating and clearly communicating your school's wellness vision and encouraging the school community to be excited and involved in achieving your wellness efforts. Description: - Use school wellness goals to inform a common vision for success - Consider various ways to communicate the wellness vision to engage supporters - Identify and invite school members to get involved in your school's wellness team - Create a plan and explore resources to make your wellness vision a success
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Module 2: PYFP and the Whole School, Whole Child, Whole Community Approach to HealthCourseIn this second module, learn how fitness education and assessment enhance your overall wellness initiatives! You’ll gain knowledge of the many components of school health and wellness and how fitness education and assessment connects to the whole school, whole community and whole child approach. This module is second in a series of four. Be sure to check out the other training when you're done. Please turn off your pop-up blocker to launch this training.
New Hanover County Schools Health and PECurriculumNew Hanover County Schools Health and PE Curriculum Bundle
Nuts, Shrimp, and Milk: What Do They Have In Common?CourseGeneral overview of food allergies (focusing on the Big 8) and considerations when selling, serving, or offering food and beverages. Take the Next Step and Update Your Assessment!
2018 Partner Learning Series | Unlocking the Power of Private PartnershipsEventAn invitation open to all Intermediary organizations to come together and learn about  Healthier Generation’s public-private partnerships from special guest speaker, Jonathan Wallace, Associate Director of Cross-Sector Engagement at the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

Maximizing public-private partnerships can be a game-changer in meeting critical organizational and public health goals.  However, it can also be tricky to navigate the private sector landscape and find the right partnerships that work.  Hear how Healthier Generation has approached collaboration with the private sector and discover opportunities for your organization to engage in meaningful cross-sector activity to improve children's health. 
We encourage all Intermediary Partnering Organizations to join us for this opportunity. Time will be allotted at the end of the call for open Q and A. 
It’s an Afterschool Special! - Healthier Snacks and Meals Through CACFPEventDid you know that there are federal nutrition programs that provide funding to programs to serve meals and snacks to children when the school day ends? These programs are critical for supporting children’s health and academic achievement. Afterschool programs that participate in CACFP give children and teens the nutrition they need, and draw them into enrichment activities that are safe, fun, and filled with opportunities for learning. Join this session to learn how your program(s) can receive funding to start serving healthy snacks and meals this year!