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Network Partners

Working with the Alliance has helped us significantly expand our reach beyond hospital walls, increase structure and effective collaboration with school and out-of-school time partners and address our community’s priority health needs.

Anne Marie Kuchera, MS, MA, RD, LPC
Director, Health Improvement Partnerships, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC


Why Partner with Healthier Generation? 

Over the past decade, we have developed tried-and-true methods for making sustainable changes in a variety of community settings to benefit children’s health through the Healthy Schools Program and Healthy Out-of-School Time Initiative. That’s why community-serving organizations partner with us to help improve the health of their populations. 

Community-serving organizations know the most about the people and places that make up their vibrant neighborhoods and can use our evidence-based approaches to create a comprehensive, customized program that leads to sustainable healthy changes. 

At the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, we call these critical partners our “network partners.” Through our partnership, they gain access to our professional development, training, tools, resources, and data to complement their local efforts. Here’s how: 


Partners can access virtual, on-demand trainings and receive an in-person consultation with us. 

National Experts 

Learn from up to four customized, live virtual trainings delivered by our national health experts. 

Real-Time Support 

Schools and sites can access our Member Engagement and Support Team whenever they have a question. 


Receive detailed progress reports about school or site progress toward making healthy changes. 

Tools & Resources 

Choose from training videos, materials, and curricula to make healthy changes at schools and in out-of-school time settings. 


Learn more about a few of the many network partnerships we have formed to build healthier communities for kids nationwide:

Partner with Us 

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Director, Cross-Sector Engagement

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