Our Impact with the Business Sector

“The data convinced me that corporations can contribute mightily to powerful solutions that drive positive change for our kids.”

Dr. Howell Wechsler, CEO of Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Evaluating Our Impact with the Beverage Industry

It is important the Alliance and the beverage industry evaluate the results of our work—both nationally and in each community.  All the efforts to decrease calorie consumption are monitored by Keybridge LLC, a Washington-DC based economic and public policy consulting firm. Keybridge tracks the progress and evaluate the results of the commitment using a range of metrics and data sources, including sales and retail merchandising data available from syndicated sources and company shipment data.


Tracking Our Progress with McDonald’s

The Alliance is committed to continuing to track the data and work with McDonald’s to find ways to both increase access to healthier options and to increase promotion of those options. Review the full analysis from our third-party evaluation, Keybridge LLC.


Reviewing our Efforts to Increase Access to Preventative Healthcare Services


Historical Evaluations & Progress Reports


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