Engage Youth

We believe that youth play a crucial role alongside adults in the fight toward childhood health. Therefore we developed a guide to engage young people in a way that creates meaningful relationships and sustainable change. Many young people already play active roles in solving some of our nation’s most pressing problems and we can give them the support to leverage their knowledge and skills.

Our Youth Engagement Guide describes how to engage young people in the health efforts of their schools and communities, especially by creating environments where nutrition and physical activity are encouraged.

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We can help enhance youth efforts and learn from them to create systemic change.

Download our Youth Engagement Guide

In the Guide:

Health-Focused Youth Programming

Inspiration coupled with practical ideas for health-focused programs on peer education, service learning, activism and civic engagement.

Youth Participation on Adult-Led Councils

Practical steps for including young people in school or community-based wellness councils.

Youth-Led Health Advisory Groups

Step-by-step plans for creating youth-led health advisory groups for schools or community-based organizations.

Download our Youth Engagement Guide

Watch Our Youth Engagement Training

In the Training:

Youth Engagement Overview

Understand the scope of youth engagement and the defining traits that make it most effective.

Models for Health

Learn how social determinants and conditions shape health and affect youth development.

Youth Partnerships

Learn the five principals of positive youth development that enhance working in partnership with young people.

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