Nutrition Education

The out-of-school time environment is ideally suited to introduce children to healthy food and beverage choices. It can also give them the education, skills and support needed to adopt these healthy eating behaviors for life.

Create this healthy environment where all children feel comfortable trying new foods and beverages by providing nutrition education lessons and activities that include taste testing and hands-on experiences that are fun, developmentally appropriate and culturally relevant.

Key Attributes of a Nutrition Education Curriculum

  • Evidence-based
  • Neutral (does not support a particular industry or food sector)
  • Delivered by qualified personnel

In addition to various curricula, some nutrition education may occur less formally. For example, try this activity as an icebreaker or research project!

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Our roadmaps and trainings give you an overview of healthy eating standards, tell you why they are important, and offer first steps and resources to get you started developing your Action Plan.

Nutrition Education

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Our Healthy Out-of-School Time initiative offers a science-based framework that helps programs create environments where youth are encouraged to eat healthier and move more.

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