Active Role Models

Staff are the most valuable resource of an organization. Think about the hard work you and your coworkers do on a daily basis. Adults like you also have the opportunity to help children develop character, knowledge and lifelong skills.

Below are resources you can use to encourage staff, families and community members to lead by example and become active role models for the young people in your community.

Staff Engagement

Continue to educate your staff and give them the latest resources to support physical activity with the youth at your site. Making sure your staff has the right knowledge is essential for them to instill lifelong healthy habits as well as be role models for young people.

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Community and Family Involvement

Work with your community to make sure the healthy habits you are teaching youth in your program are reinforced even after program hours. Educate and empower community members and families to support your program directly as well as set examples for the youth you care for.

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Our roadmaps give you an overview of physical activity standards, tell you why they are important, and offer first steps and resources to get started.

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Staff, Family, and Community


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