Games and Activities

All young people need at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Infusing fun active games into your out-of-school time activities is a great way to help reach that 60 minute goal.

The key to providing regular movement for your young people is finding the right activities that complement the space and resources at your site. These activities should also provide youth options and variety to keep them engaged and excited to participate.   

Indoor Activities

Maximize your facilities to offer engaging activities that get youth moving. Indoor activities utilize innovative materials, technology, and your imagination to turn indoor spaces into active landscapes for kids to move and play.

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Outdoor Activities

Run-a-thons, hiking trails, and field sports are great ways to utilize open spaces to keep your kids moving. There are also other outdoor activities like gardening, archery, and season-specific activities to add variety to your program and keep young people interested in moving.

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Physical Activity Bursts

Activity bursts are 3-10 minute activities that get kids up and moving during periods of inactivity. These activities help youth reach their 60 minutes of recommended daily physical activity as well as give them quick brain breaks to improve concentration and attention.

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Our roadmaps give you an overview of physical activity standards, tell you why they are important, and offer first steps and resources to get started.

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