Youth Engagement

Young people are the future. But there is no need for today’s youth to wait to take on a leadership role. Thousands of young people are already playing active parts in solving some of our nation’s most pressing problems. Young people are choosing to tackle these issues as researchers, organizers, activists, trainers and educators. And in each role, youth are serving as leaders in their community.

As you work with your site to implement the Healthy Out-of-School Time Framework, we encourage you to find ways for young people in your program to play substantial roles.

Steps to Support Youth Engagement

  • Involve youth in taste tests and menu planning.
  • Invite youth to participate in a health council that can help advise programmatic activities.
  • Engage youth in planning and leading new physical activities and games.
  • Encourage youth to plan and implement new activities or clubs promoting healthy eating and physical activity.

Resources to Support Youth Engagement

Learn how to engage youth in a way that gives them the skills and confidence they need to make healthy decisions on their own. Use our featured resources below to start fostering youth voices at your site. 

Explore all our youth engagement tools in our resource database.

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Our Healthy Out-of-School Time initiative offers a science-based framework that helps programs create environments where youth are encouraged to eat healthier and move more.

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