Make Wellness a Priority

Inclusion of easy and fun movement breaks, healthy snacks and beverages and stress management techniques will help your staff create healthy habits during and after work hours and model good behavior for students. And making the activities engaging will increase participation and retention in your program. Don’t forget to use the data you collected in the previous section to determine what offerings would work best with your staff.

Step 1: Move More

Fitness challenges, exercise classes and regular team activities help staff improve their individual fitness while building team unity. Offer a variety of activities, from activity breaks during staff meetings using the Alliance’s Staff Fitness Breaks, to on-going opportunities such as establishing a walking club using the Every Body Walk! Collaborative Toolkit.

Step 2: Eat Well

We all know eating healthier is a good thing – choosing to eat healthy starts with making small behavior changes. Offer healthy eating opportunities that fit into staff’s busy schedules. Provide healthy eating tips, fruit and vegetable challenges and healthier options in staff vending machines, combined with tools like: Healthy Potluck Sign-Up, Healthy Meeting Toolkit or the School Wellness Champion Toolkit's “Starting a Salad Club with Your Co-Workers” to make healthy eating a regular part of the school day.

Step 3: Stress Less

If you ask school employees about their number one health issue, the most likely response will be “stress”. Stress management has become such an integral aspect of staff wellness, especially during holidays and state testing. Physical activity, good nutrition and sleep each play a vital role in managing stress.

Educate your staff on ways they can de-stress by implementing a campus-wide Stress Management Wellness Challenge or provide a calm place to take a time-out using Recharge Your Staff and Teachers with a Healthier Break Room.

Step 4: Healthy Heroes

Staff are role models to students ‒ all the time. To be a good role model for healthy living, staff must stay active and eat well during meal and snack times. Remember, students are watching you all the time; what are you teaching them?

Watch our training in the Training Center, Walk the Talk - Modeling Healthy Behaviors, to learn strategies to empower your staff to be healthy examples for your students and their peers.

Talk with Our Experts

Jill Turley is one of our National Nutrition Advisors. By contacting her, you can ask questions, learn best practices and get started creating a healthier school environment.

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Lisa Perry is our National Physical Education/Physical Activity Senior Advisor and is here to answer your questions, give you suggestions and point you in the right direction.

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Health Promotion for Staff

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