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Just starting a staff wellness program or refreshing an existing program? Find out the current status of staff wellness offerings in your school, district or site so you can get maximum impact.

Read on to learn more about assessments.

Step 1: Health Assessments

Are you thinking, “Where do I begin with staff wellness in my school or site?” Your first step is to find out if your district or organization offers a health assessment through your insurance provider. You may have an annual assessment that is offered and not even know it.

If you discover that an annual health risk assessment isn’t available, don’t fret. Below are just a few examples of how you can conduct an annual health assessment with assistance from administration and partners.

  • School nurse offers a health assessment and the PE teacher offers a fitness assessment for staff
  • Health department conducts screenings such as: blood pressure and BMI measurements at a staff meeting, professional development day or health fair
  • Online assessments offered by risk management department and/or insurance provider
  • Use the CDC’s Sample Health Assessment for questions that you can pick and choose from for your assessment (see page 43) through email or a survey tool

Step 2: Staff Interest Surveys

You’ve decided the best way to collect health assessment data, now it’s time to determine your school or site staffs’ needs and wants.

Knowing the health areas (such as physical activity, healthy eating and stress management) that your staff is interested in is crucial to building a culture of health.

Distribute the Alliance’s Staff Wellness Interest Survey, Kaiser’s Employee Interest Survey or simply create your own in Survey Monkey or through email. The results of your survey will assist you in planning your staff wellness offerings and may even spark an interest among staff members about participating in future staff wellness events.

Step 3: Administrator and Staff Buy-in

You’ve gathered your health assessment data and determined your staffs’ interests, so now it’s time to gain buy-in from your principal/director and staff to begin implementation.

Hear from the Wellness Champion at Mooberry Elementary School about how staff wellness has changed the morale and productivity of their staff as well as how they’ve become healthy role models for their students.

A health risk assessment is a health questionnaire that provides a snapshot of your overall health and well-being. When taken by the majority of the school’s staff (administrators, teachers, paras, custodians, food service, etc.) or site’s staff (directors, coordinators, front line staff, volunteers, etc.), results can identify common risk factors like obesity, stress, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol and can be used to shape the direction of your programming and determine the needed environmental changes that will enable your staff to make healthier choices.

Now that you have a wellness committee formed, you’re ready to start refreshing your policy.

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