Are you a member of the community wondering how you can get involved in school wellness? Here are some places to start!

  • Find out if your local school has a wellness council you can join to find out about the healthy eating and physical activity efforts there.
  • Partner with your local school to run a community event, such as a fun run/walk or cooking demo.
  • Donate items that can help make a health and wellness event a success.
  • Help the school harness the expertise within the community. Is there a local dietitian or nutrition program that would host a grocery store tour? Or a fitness professional who would do a demo? How about a restaurant that would cook up veggies to try on a flat grill at a family event? Think outside the box how the community services and interests can help the local school!
  • Check out the Family section – are there ideas you could help with?
  • Do you have expertise you can lend?
    • Grocery store tour
    • Fitness demo
    • PR/Communications
    • Graphic Design work
  • Don’t have time to join the wellness council but want to help out? Pull out your checkbook! Give them $$$ to support health and wellness goals.

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Michelle Owens is our National Policy Advisor. By contacting her, you can ask questions, learn best practices and get started creating a healthier school environment.

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