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Step 1: Cultivate – Build Your Team

  • Let families and communities know about your wellness council. Invite them to join! Check out more resources for cultivating your team.

Step 2: Collaborate – Build Support for Your Cause

  • Clearly communicate your school’s wellness vision to families and the community.
  • Ask your community what they have to offer. Find out what expertise are in your own backyard. Can they offer:
    • Fitness classes?
    • Cooking demonstrations for students, staff or families?
    • Stress management techniques?
    • Graphic design services to create a new wellness webpage?
    • PR experience?
    • Social media expertise to help you get the word out?
  • Find out what families want.
    • How do they want to be involved in the schools wellness activities?
      • What topics or activities are important to them?
      • How do they want to receive information?
      • How do they want to get involved?
  • After you scan your community and survey your families, use that data! Prioritize top rated activities or communication to increase participation throughout the school year. For more resources on family participation, check out CDC’s Strategies for Involving Parents in School Health and Parents for Healthy Schools Promotion Kit.

Step 3: Invigorate – Build Excitement

  • Generate buzz for health and wellness!  
    • Post the district wellness policy on your school or district website for families and the community to see. Ensure contact information is included so others can reach out to get involved.
    • Highlight successes regularly in newsletters or on your district’s wellness webpage (be sure you have a wellness webpage)!
    • Use morning announcements to build excitement about healthy eating and physical activity among students and staff.
    • Use the power of social media! Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
    • Involve students as wellness committee members and ambassadors for wellness
    • View these videos on rewards, fundraing and healthy celebrations to garner ideas and build excitement
    • Connect with local community organizations, businesses, or hospitals to plan community events that promote health and wellness such as:   
  • Community fun run/walk events
  • Staff wellness programs supported by the local fitness club or hospital
  • County extension hosting nutrition or cooking classes
  • Community cook-offs

Use the Alliance’s Communications Checklist as your guide!  Spread the word with USDA’s Wellness Policy Outreach Toolkit .

Step 4: Motivate – Build Momentum

  • Keep the momentum going all year long! Harness the time, passion or professional expertise of parents and community members by asking them to help with different activities throughout the year.
    •  Ask families to guest blog on the district website.
    • Represent your school wellness committee and speak at a school board, PTO or community meeting.
    • Ask families to chair a wellness event or healthy fundraiser.
    • Continue to involve families and communities members in decision-making processes throughout the year. This builds trust and support for your cause. 
  • Make your campus the heart of the community – a common space to gather, play, and learn
    • Work with your administration to incorporate a Joint Use Agreement.
    • Use your Local Wellness Policy to ensure families and the community have access to a safe space that promotes health and wellness activities and programs
    • Check out the Alliance’s Model Wellness Policy for Joint-Use Agreement language.

Don’t forget to share your successes in as many ways as possible! 

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Michelle Owens is our National Policy Advisor. By contacting her, you can ask questions, learn best practices and get started creating a healthier school environment.

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