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School Nutrition Services departments have an important job – nourishing students for learning with delicious meals that appeal to their varied tastes. Updated standards for school meals are changing yesterday’s menus. Kids walking through the cafeteria doors are eating more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. This is great news because good nutrition is linked to better grades, attendance and behavior; higher test scores; and more focus and energy throughout the day. Not only is this important group within the school community contributing daily to students’ academic success, they are also teaching healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime!

Breakfast & Lunch

The foods kids eat in the cafeteria are an important part of the academic day. During breakfast and lunch, students fuel their minds and bodies for learning.

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Snack, Summer & Supper

Schools can play a critical role in helping kids get the nutrition they need to succeed during out-of-school time and summer months.

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Purchasing everything you need to keep your school nutrition program running can be a complex process. Learn about different types of procurement and the resources available to help you.

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Marketing & Customer Service

Marketing can change the way your students view the healthy options served to them. Happy customers increase participation, which leads to more revenue for your program.

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Talk with Our Expert

Carol Chong is one of our National Nutrition Advisors. By contacting her, you can ask questions, learn best practices and get started creating a healthier school environment.

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Nutrition Throughout the School Day

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