Save Money

Group Purchasing Organizations

Districts can save up to 20% off their bottom line by taking advantage of this procurement method.

Take advantage of discounted product prices and streamline your buying process.

How It Works
  • A GPO is a separate organization that conducts a competitive bid process (following USDA regulations) to secure fixed pricing for thousands of food and beverage products.

  • A GPO is different from a co-op. A co-op is formed when neighboring districts join together to increase buying power by publishing one common bid. In contrast, any individual school district can join a GPO and access the numerous products within their portfolio.
  • School districts can dramatically streamline their purchasing process, eliminating multiple invoices from multiple vendors
What are my next steps?

1. Directly contact the participating GPOs listed below to set up a meeting and learn more about each company’s K-12 program.

2. As a first step, the GPO will conduct an evaluation of your purchases to compare your current pricing with the pricing available through the GPO. The evaluation will demonstrate a projected annual savingsincluding any rebates or incentives offered in the contract.

3. Consult with your state agency to follow specific state procurement regulations around competitive bidding.



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