Fitness Breaks with Billy Blanks: Elementary

Learn how Billy Blanks came to develop Tae Bo and practice some of the basic fundamentals of Taekwondo. Over the next few minutes you’ll learn how to count exercise repetitions, find out how much power you have in your legs with squats, get your cardio on with jumping jacks and finally work your core with knee raises. Learn to inhale really strong like Superman and begin to cool down with a breathing technique called, “snake breathing.” The most important thing to learn about exercising is learning how to communicate with your body!

Fitness Break 1

Build on the basic skills you’ve learned and begin incorporating Tae Bo techniques. You’ll learn how to do the ‘butterfly’ move focusing on coordination and then work your core. Add in some cardio with a jumping technique and then cool down with snake breathing.

Fitness Break 2

Are you a leader of your health?! Break 3 is jam-packed with fun techniques. Over the next few minutes you’ll learn several techniques like the squat and reach, the imaginary speed bag, arm presses, knee raises and jumping jacks from a chair—be light on your toes!

Fitness Break 3


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