Fitness Breaks with Billy Blanks: High

Get a wake up with Billy Blanks and learn the basic fundamentals of Tae Bo. Exercising is all about learning to communicate with your body. Try the leg raise technique for balance and add in arm and leg circles for coordination. When you start working out, stress leaves the room!

Fitness Break 1

Learn some basic Tae Bo exercises that incorporate cardio activity to get you up from your desk, moving and your mind and blood circulating! Over the next few minutes you’ll combine techniques like the ‘butterfly,’ the front knee, squats, and then make those quads burn with some lunges and much more. You’ll cool down with ‘snake breathing’ and some light stretching.

Fitness Break 2

Now that you’ve learned the basic fundamentals of Tae Bo, we’ll speed it up a bit for a full cardio workout. This workout combines the butterfly, reverse uplifts, reverse speed bag and much more. Have the confidence you need to communicate with your body and know what your body can do. You’ve got the power!

Fitness Break 3


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