Fitness Breaks with Billy Blanks: Middle

Learn how to focus by engaging in the basic fundamentals of Taekwondo. In just a short time, you’ll learn how to build up your power with techniques like ‘chin in a cage,’ leg lifts, leg and arm squats and then cool down with ‘snake breathing’. Pay attention to your heart when working out and learn how to tell when you are getting in better cardio shape.

Fitness Break 1

Learn 8 basic moves that will test your cardio, balance and coordination. Learn each technique separately and then combine them all for the quick workout. The most important thing about working out is learning how to communicate with your own body to be the best you can be. Just like turning on a light switch when you get up in the morning, exercising is what you need to do every morning to jump start your heart!

Fitness Break 2

How much power do you have?  Learn new arm techniques that will work the biceps, all three deltoids, triceps and chest and learn the sumo shuffle and hand technique.   Your mind and will power allows your body to do anything.  You have the power to do anything you want to do!

Fitness Break 3


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