Physical Activities

Whether free unstructured play or intentional movement, physical activities play a critical role in a child’s cognitive development and academic success. Physical activity improves attention, concentration, and attendance and of course, a child's health.


Activities During the School Day

Schools can work movement into all areas of the school day with a physical activity program that includes recess, classroom-based physical activity, school-wide physical activity breaks and open gym time.

Out-of School Time Activities

Safe and organized activities available on either end of the school day, help instill what students are learning during the day, add to their minutes of physical activity, and continue the development of their motor skills.

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Staff and Community Engagement

Combine your physical activity efforts on campus with those that parents are doing at home and others are leading in your community. Complementary activities help students achieve their recommended amounts of daily physical activity as well as ensure that kids are getting a well-rounded fitness education on or off campus.

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