Recess is a child’s opportunity for regular periods of unstructured play throughout the school day. Recess is a major contributor to a child’s daily physical activity and provides a mental break for kids to recharge and prepare for the cognitive demands of the classroom.


Recess Strategies

Recess activities and equipment should offer your students the necessary building blocks for productive unstructured play. The layout of your play space and the games made possible with various equipment and design can enhance your students' recess time.

Alternatives to Withholding Recess as a Punishment

Withholding recess from a child is withholding all the physical and social developmental benefits that recess offers. The periodical breaks from classroom instruction and added time to move and play are necessary for students to perform at their best in the classroom and should not be removed as a form of punishment or as a time for students to complete unfinished assignments.

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