Ask an elementary student about his/her favorite part of the school day, and the answer will likely be: “recess!” While recess may be fun for students, it’s an important part of the school day that provides physical, emotional and social benefits for their learning and development.

The Healthy Schools Program encourages elementary schools to offer 20 minutes of daily recess and provides tools, resources and training to help you plan and implement a successful recess strategy.

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Next up: Learn how to keep kids moving through classroom-based physical activity!

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Lisa Perry

Lisa Perry
National Physical Education/Physical Activity Senior Advisor

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Sean Brock

Sean Brock
National Physical Education/Physical Activity Advisor

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Eric Larson

Eric Larson
National Physical Education/Physical Activity Advisor

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Movement in Schools

Use this video at your school during your next professional development to get your entire wellness team on board with finding more ways to get students moving throughout the school day.

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