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The school wellness committee is the advisory group that is concerned with the health and wellbeing of students and staff. The Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010 requires that a wellness committee be formed at the district level and include representation from each school building. The Alliance’s Healthy Schools Program recommends for each school building to form a wellness committee to ensure policies are implemented and to report back to the district’s wellness committee.

School wellness committees bring school staff, families, students and community members together to address pressing student health issues. They also may:

  • Advise the school board/district on school/community health issues
  • Coordinate efforts and programs that exist in the district and the community
  • Identify student/staff health needs
  • Monitor and evaluate implementation of district health and wellness policies and programs

Step 1: Build a Team

Don’t let your school wellness committee be a “party of one”. It is essential to the success of your wellness efforts that you recruit others to assist you through the Healthy Schools Program’s Six-Step Process.

Follow these steps to build your committee.

Step 2: Start Recruiting

You have your list of potential members, now it’s time to build your team. Be prepared to answer questions about members’ roles and responsibilities and time commitments when you speak with potential members.

This Sample Wellness Committee Invitation can be emailed, snail mailed or hand delivered to prospective team members.

Don’t forget, team members may change based on action plan priorities, school needs and district goals.

Step 3: Plan a Meeting

Once your wellness committee is formed, use the Wellness Committee Meeting Guide to schedule at least four committee meetings each school year. Next you will need to determine what aspects of your district's current policies and practices concerning nutrition, physical activity and staff wellness are working, and what needs to be improved.

Use the templates provided in the School Wellness Toolkit to kick off your school wellness committee meetings and keep them on course throughout the school year:

Now that you have a wellness committee formed, you’re ready to start refreshing your policy.

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