Evaluate and Communicate

The way you communicate about your policy shapes the way it is viewed and accepted by others at your school and in your community. It’s important that you communicate the changes to your policy with anyone who has an interest in the outcome of the policy or who may be impacted by the policy.

The HHFKA 2010 Final Rule directs schools to review, update and report on their local wellness policy by:  

  • Comparing your local wellness policy to a Model Wellness Policy 

  • Assessing your school environment  

  • Demonstrating progress made in attaining the goals of the local wellness policy 

  • Sharing results of your school assessment, policy goal implementation and wellness policy updates with the public.  

Don’t be shy! Celebrating your achievements will keep your team motivated to continue the great work. 


Review and Revise 

Annually reviewing your local wellness policy and comparing your goals to a Model Wellness Policy can ensure your school is on track with best practice. Gain feedback from families and engage community involvement in your wellness policy through parent survey’s, sharing a comment box on your website, etc.  These steps can keep your wellness policy active and ensure a broader level of engagement and support of your wellness goals.  


Update Your School Health Index Assessment 

Assessing your school and updating your action plan regularly keeps your school on track and maintains momentum. An updated assessment also enables you to generate annual progress reports automatically that can be utilized for evaluation. While schools are federally required to formally report their progress and implementation triennially, annual updates to your schools assessment and action plan provide a great tool to meet the annual requirement of publicly sharing your progress.


Evaluate and Publicly Report

Annually update your Assessment and Action plan to demonstrate building level progress towards your local wellness policy goals.  

Use your Healthy Schools Program Year End District Report as a tool to annually capture your districts progress. 

Publicly report and celebrate your success! Show administrators, parents, staff and community members all the great work your district and school is accomplishing using a variety of methods. You can find more ideas in our Communication Checklist. 

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