December 17, 2018

2018: The Year in Review

Healthier Generation's latest annual impact report provides a comprehensive look at the organization's portfolio of work over fiscal year 2018.

FY 2018 was a transformative year at Healthier Generation. As our programmatic reach expanded to serve more schools and communities than ever before, so too did our scope of work to address the needs of the whole child. Supported by our network of trusted collaborators and wellness champions, we took bold new steps to improve environments that shape health outcomes for millions of children. 

As we continue to evolve, we’ll look to these successes for inspiration and consult our key learnings for guidance. Below are 5 of our top takeaways from FY 2018: 


1. Health equity drives our work 

We believe every child deserves a healthy future. This belief drives us to target our work in communities in greatest need of support. In FY 2018, 73% of schools and 77% of out-of-school time organizations enrolled in our programs served high-need populations. 


2. Technology expands our capacity to serve 

Creative digital marketing strategies paired with data analytics helped us engage more schools and out-of-school time programs in FY 18 than ever before. The expansion of our digital network aided in the enrollment of 3,125 new schools and 384 new out-of-school time sites in our programs, meaning more kids have access to healthy environments and role models.  


3. Schools are committed to creating healthy environments for students, staff, and families 

Across the nation, there’s a growing movement for healthier schools. In FY 18, over 300 schools from 30 states and the District of Columbia earned a spot on the list of “America’s Healthiest Schools” by demonstrating a strong commitment to health-promoting policies and practices. 


4. Collaborations are key to creating systemic change 

Collaborating with the business sector, we can increase access to healthier beverages and foods for schools and families. From supporting corner store initiatives to bringing together public health leaders and representatives from leading food and beverage companies, our work to evolve our marketplace brings a new dimension of leadership and impact to health initiatives nationwide.  


5. Empowered role models empower kids to be healthy 

By equipping adults with the right tools and resources to promote and model healthy habits, we can empower more kids to thrive. From healthy celebration ideas to seasonal recipe “swaps,” our digital marketing campaigns inspired thousands of educators, families, and wellness champions to help kids eat healthy and move more. 


Learn more about our impact in our FY 2018 Annual Impact Report and share your top takeaways on social media with the hashtag #HealthyFuture.