Healthy schools adopt policies and practices that empower students to eat better, move more, and feel their best. They offer nutritious meals and snacks, get students and staff moving with physical activity, and engage the entire school community in promoting healthy habits.   

The result? Healthy schools experience higher attendance rates, greater academic success, increased family engagement, and reduced staff turnover.  

Using the latest research and best practices in children's health, Healthier Generation's Healthy Schools Program provides a workable, customizable framework to help you create and sustain a healthy school. 

More than 40,000 schools nationwide are already making healthy changes as members of the Healthy Schools Program.

Your school could be next! Assess your school to get started and then explore the topics below. 


Assess your school


The 6-Step Process

Learn about the Healthy Schools Program 6-Step Process and find out how other schools are taking steps to make healthy changes

Action Plan

Use the Action Plan to outline the tasks, dates, and resources that you and your Wellness Team will use to meet your goals

Wellness Topics

Explore ways to start making healthy changes at your school today

Promote Your Program

Share your commitment to creating a healthier campus with parents, friends, and leaders in your school community

Get Help

Connect with our Member Engagement & Support Team for personalized help to transform your school into a healthier place