Our Work

We work with schools, youth-serving organizations, businesses, and communities across the nation to transform the places kids spend their time into healthier environments.  

Through our evidence-based programming and innovative resources, we empower those who work closely with children to help them develop lifelong healthy habits. 

We support a holistic approach to health promotion. In addition to physical activity and healthy eating, we address multiple, critical child and adolescent health issues, including social and emotional health, sleep, and asthma.

Learn more about our work by selecting one of the topics below. 


Learn how we work with schools to create healthy learning environments that promote and support healthy habits

The Walking Classroom

The Walking Classroom is an award-winning, evidence-based education program that supports students’ health and learning.

Business Sector Engagement

Learn how we work with industry and public health leaders to expand access to healthier options for schools and communities

Juvenile Justice

Learn how we're helping juvenile justice facilities create healthier environments for youth

In Your State

Discover where and how we're creating healthy changes in your state

Products & Services

Remove the guesswork from supporting the physical, social, and emotional health of your schools