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Kohl's Healthy at Home

Healthy Home, Healthy Family

Kohl’s Healthy at Home is a family health and wellness initiative from Healthier Generation and Kohl’s. Together, we’re empowering families to create healthier home environments in which everyone can thrive.

Use our free family wellness resources to help your family—and families in your community— prioritize a healthy lifestyle at home.

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Featured Resource Library:
Feeling Healthy at Home

Feeling Healthy at Home

Managing stress, regulating emotions and maintaining strong relationships at home are crucial to the health and well-being of everyone. Together with Healthier Generation, Kohl’s Healthy at Home is helping families build social-emotional skills together.

Resource Libraries

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Eating Healthy at Home

Eating Healthy at Home

Recipes, tools, and resources to make bite-sized changes that have a big impact on your family's health and well-being
Moving More at Home

Moving More at Home

Get ideas for quick and easy physical activity breaks to integrate into your daily routine so you can move more and feel better
Feeling Healthy at Home

Feeling Healthy at Home

Build your family's social-emotional skills through communication, collaboration, self-reflection, and self-care


Curated collections for parents and caregivers to support family health

Back to School Toolkit

Back to School Toolkit

Build a Healthy at Home daily routine to help everyone start the school year confident and connected
Healthy at Home Toolkit

Healthy at Home Toolkit

Choose from assorted resources to help your family reduce stress, eat healthy, move more, sleep better, and adapt to change

Featured Resources

Browse the unique tools, tips, recipes and activities our school health experts recommend

Feelings Chart

Emotions are a big part of our health and well-being. Parents and caregivers, help your kids share how they are feeling each day with this handy chart.

Quick, Healthy Lunches

Try these quick and healthy lunch ideas that you and your family can enjoy at home or on the go. También disponible en español!

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