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Healthy Home, Healthy Family

Kohl's Healthy at Home is a family health and wellness initiative from Healthier Generation and Kohl's. Together, we're supporting families in creating healthier environments in which everyone can thrive.

Join us! Use our free family wellness resources to help your family -- and families in your community -- prioritize a healthy lifestyle at home.

Eating Healthy at Home

Healthy eating fuels healthy families

When it comes to eating healthier, bite-size changes can have a big-time impact on your family's health.

Eating Healthy at Home helps families take small steps to make the healthy choice the easy choice.

More ways to be Healthy at Home

Use the following resources to make simple changes that lead to big transformations for you and your family.

Educators: Share these resources with your students' families!


Healthier Generation and Kohl’s are here to help you and your family make healthier choices this summer. By making simple swaps, you can eat healthy, stay active and recharge your mind.

Healthy Day Checklist

Here are a few easy ways you and your family can make healthier choices every day (Disponible en español).

Family Engagement Resources

Explore resources designed to engage families in your community, and promote healthy habits at school, out-of-school time, and at home.

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