Kohl's Healthy at Home

Empowering families to create a healthier home life that benefits children as well as parents and guardians.

Kohl’s and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation have joined forces to launch a new family health and wellness initiative, Kohl’s Healthy at Home, to give families simple, meaningful ways to create a healthier home life. 

Working with trusted community groups – including schools and out-of-school time programs – Kohl’s Healthy at Home will provide parents and guardians, educators, and broader community members with direct access to a dedicated resource hub that is tailored to helping individuals practice healthier living at home.

Read the press release to learn more about Kohl's Healthy at Home.

Users can visit the Kohl’s Healthy at Home digital resource hub to access #SummerSwap, the first suite of content rooted in keeping kids healthy during the critical summer months through simple “swaps” designed to boost nutrition, get moving and be mentally well.


Healthier Generation and Kohl’s are here to help you and your family make healthier choices this summer. By making simple swaps, you can eat healthy, stay active and recharge your mind.

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