July 1, 2019

#SummerSwap to Eat Healthier

This post is part of our #SummerSwap series, presented by Kohl’s Healthy at Home, highlighting simple changes you and your family can make to enjoy a healthier summer. Learn more at HealthierGeneration.org/SummerSwap.

Long summer days mean more time for play and more fun in the sun. However, summer can also be a time when healthy eating feels more challenging. From cookouts to camping trips and family celebrations galore, we’re often surrounded by not-so-healthy summer snacks and sweets. 

Regardless of your summer plans, it’s important to prioritize healthy eating. Eating a balanced and nutrient-rich diet helps to strengthen our immune system, increase our energy, and support brain and heart health. For kids, eating a healthy diet throughout the summer helps ensure their minds and bodies are ready to learn when they return to school in the fall. 

Luckily, healthy summer eating can be simple. Healthier Generation and Kohl’s have teamed up to help families make small changes to eat healthy all season long. All you need to do is make a #SummerSwap!  

For example, instead of eating a traditional summer popsicle, try a frozen fruit pop for a tasty treat that has fewer grams of sugar and is made with all-natural ingredients.

Pretty simple, right? With some creative thinking and a willingness to try new things, maintaining healthy eating habits this summer can be fun and tasty. Get started using the tips below!

3 Tips to Eat Healthier This Summer 


1. Plan Ahead

Healthy eating is easier when you have a plan. Spend time each week to map out your family's menu of meals and snacks. Remember to have fun! Swap your standard fare for a weekly veggie-heavy theme night, like Taco Tuesday or Salad Saturday. Or, try swapping roles—let the kids plan the menu and offer guidance where needed to ensure a balanced meal. (Bonus: kids are more likely to eat healthy foods when they get to choose!)


2. Involve Kids in Meal Preparation
Make meal prep a family affair by giving everyone a role. First, work together to make a grocery list to identify which ingredients are needed for your meals. When it’s time to shop, try swapping your conventional grocery store for a local farmers market where you can stock up on seasonal, affordable produce. Then, swap evening screen time for cooking time and work alongside your kids to teach basic cooking skills, like chopping, mixing, and sautéing. 


3. Make Time for Meals
Eating at a consistent time each day supports proper digestion and can help your body absorb all of those good-for-you nutrients. Establish a family meal time that works with everyone’s schedule and do your best to stick to it all summer long. Swap on-the-go eating for a sit-down meal and remember to swap out phones and tablets at the table for real-life conversation. 


Ready to get started making healthy changes? Visit HealthierGeneration.org/SummerSwap for more swap ideas and resources for a healthier summer!