Alexis Lassus

National Advisor, Whole Child Health – Social-Emotional Learning

Alexis Lassus is a National Advisor on the Whole Child Health team, focusing on social-emotional learning. In this role she is committed to developing culturally responsive resources and professional learning for educators and families to build communities that support the social-emotional health and well-being of both kids and adults.

First and foremost, Alexis is an educator and brings her experience teaching Kindergarten, third grade, middle school and many other assignments (that year teaching Latin) to her role. She knows that teachers have one of the hardest jobs and deserve resources that are practical and foster creative thinking. Prior to joining Healthier Generation, Alexis was also a school administrator focusing on supportive discipline practices and schoolwide implementation of social-emotional learning. She is committed to dismantling systems that keep students from feeling safe and supported in our schools. Alexis holds a Master of Science in Educational Studies from the Johns Hopkins School of Education.

Alexis lives in Portland, Oregon where (to no one’s surprise) she enjoys hiking and being outside with her family. If she is not working towards her Goodreads goal or forcing the people around her to play Dutch Blitz, she is probably in the middle of a cooking project and trying to convince her toddler to love spicy food.