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Bite-size changes can have a big impact on helping families make mealtimes more enjoyable and nutritious.

What Is School Lunch? | Fact Snacks

In this video, find out what school lunch is all about, why school lunch is important, and how you can get involved in your child’s health from Kohl’s Healthy at Home.

What Is School Breakfast? | Fact Snacks

Find out what school breakfast is all about, why school breakfast is important, and how you can get involved in your child’s health from Kohl's Healthy at Home.

Chef Justin's Simple Ways to Make Kids Love Cooking

Join Chef Justin Pichetrungsi as he shares simple ways to cultivate your kids' love for cooking and reflects on learning how to cook from his father. It’s all in this video behind the scenes of our “Healthy at Home” series for KLCS-TV.

Citrus Chicken Skewers Recipe

Prepare tangy chicken skewers and rice pilaf as a family and get creative with suggested variations with this recipe from Chef Lovely.

Kid-Friendly Charcuterie Snack Board Recipe

This charcuterie-style snack board recipe by Chef Lovely is a fun and beautiful way to get kids involved in planning, preparing, and enjoying healthy snacks. Mix and match and add your family’s favorites!

Green Papaya Salad Recipe

Green papaya salad is a classic Thai street food. Family dishes like this are not an “exact science,” so get creative with your favorite flavors, fruits, and veggies.

Receta - Ensalada de papaya verde

La ensalada de papaya verde es un platillo clásico de la comida callejera tailandesa. Las ensaladas son unos platillos refrescantes con los que se disfruta de los productos de temporada y de los ingredientes que ya tienen en la despensa.

Hearty Seasonal Salad Recipe

Chef Justin Pichetrungsi shares simple recipes to make flavorful steak and sprouted bok choy salad. Adapt this foundational recipe with seasonal and plant-based options your family enjoys.

Receta - Ensalada de temporada sabrosa

El Chef Justin Pichetrungsi comparte algunas recetas sencillas para preparar una sabrosa ensalada de bistec y brotes de col china (bok choy). Adapten esta receta fundamental con opciones de temporada y a base de vegetales que les gusten a sus familias.

Healthy Corner Store Swap

Whether you are grocery shopping or grabbing an on-the-go snack, consider these healthy swap suggestions.

Family Connection Through Food

Mealtimes are great opportunities to connect with loved ones. Watch this video of Chef Grace Ramirez sharing a quick and healthy recipe for roasted vegetables and chimichurri the whole family can enjoy.

8 Tips to Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water can be easier said than done. Here are some simple steps to make it fun & easy.

Quick, Healthy Lunches

Try these quick and healthy lunch ideas that you and your family can enjoy at home or on the go.

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