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Nationwide, school wellness is starting to win in many districts thanks to stronger nutrition and physical activity policies and practices. It’s time to keep up the momentum with greater commitments from parents, school officials, and community leaders like you!

Learn how you can support school wellness policies today, and update your district’s policy to meet the USDA’s June 30 deadline.

School and District Leaders

  • Brief History of Wellness Policies
  • 2017

    Districts must comply with updated requirements by June 30
  • 2016

    USDA released a final rule to clarify policy requirements in July
  • 2010

    Policy requirements strengthened by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act
  • 2004

    Districts participating in school meals programs required to establish wellness policies

Get the Facts

Here’s what you need to know about wellness policies.

Wellness policies are the cornerstone of all school health-related initiatives: from physical education to classroom celebrations, they guide and monitor schools’ progress over time.

Since 2004, any district participating in federal nutrition programs is required to create a wellness policy, and the USDA has strengthened the policy requirements over time. Key changes to wellness policies include:

  • New rules around which foods are available to students outside of meals
  • New guidance for marketing of foods and beverages at school
  • Changes to how often schools need to report on their progress and who they need to involve in the process
  • Improved guidance about monitoring and evaluation of policies


Get Support

Not sure where to start? You’re not alone. See how other districts have made wellness wins, one step at a time. 

By convening the district’s wellness council, Director of Child Nutrition Services Eric Holliday shared responsibilities and assigned roles to school staff, which enabled Alvord Unified School District to adopt a strong policy that was supported by the entire district.

Read Eric's story


Starting the wellness policy revision process seemed daunting until Jennifer Tatro, Director of Nutrition Services for Hutchinson School District, learned about the Alliance’s Model Wellness Policy, which gave her a jumpstart and prevented her from reinventing the wheel.

Read Jennifer’s story


At first, Physical Education and Health Coordinator Lety Ibarra of Mission Consolidated Independent School District viewed the district’s fundraising practices as a barrier to complying with their wellness policy. Now, campuses have swapped bake sales for 5k fundraising runs.

Read Lety’s story

Read more stories of success from 11 districts across the country.

Share your district’s progress along the way:

I’m thankful that #WellnessWins at [School Name] because of hard-working school leaders like [NAME]

Students are moving more at [School Name] thanks to [District Name]’s commitment to health! #WellnessWins

Nutrition & PA affect not just health, but academics: Learn how school wellness policies can help #WellnessWins

We’re updating our school wellness policy to remove unhealthy food & beverage marketing, showing that #WellnessWins

Get Moving

No need to reinvent the wheel: Access resources, trainings and tools to start strengthening your wellness policy today.

Need a refresher on the USDA’s final rule? Watch this short video and review the criteria outlined in our Model Wellness Policy. Then, browse the available tools and resources to address where you need help the most.

Join the Healthy Schools Program to access even more school health resources and to connect with national experts on physical education, child nutrition programs, wellness policies and more.

Join the Healthy Schools Program

Parents and Community Members

Get the Facts

Learn how wellness policies affect you and your family.

Schools are required to include the broader school community, including parents, students and other community members, in the wellness policy process. Your participation leads to policies that better reflect the ideas and needs of the entire community, so it’s important that you get involved!

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Get Support

Use these toolkits and sample messages to make your voice heard.

Sharing your support for your wellness policy is easy thanks to the sample flyers, presentations, newsletter copy and social media posts included in these toolkits. Just personalize your messages to make them specific to your school’s activities.

Share these messages on social media:

#WellnessWins when my child’s school serves healthy meals that boost brainpower

When my child’s teacher leads a physical activity break in the classroom, #WellnessWins

I’m making sure #WellnessWins at my child’s school by joining the wellness council

I’m making sure #WellnessWins at my child’s school by sending healthy snacks for celebrations

I’m thankful that #WellnessWins at [School Name] because of hard-working school leaders like [NAME]

My child is moving more at [School Name] thanks to [District Name]’s commitment to health! #WellnessWins

Community Members

I’m so proud of the #WellnessWins happening across the country thanks to strong wellness policies

When classroom celebrations offer fruit instead of candy, #WellnessWins

#WellnessWins when kids walk or ride their bikes to school

#WellnessWins when parents participate in school wellness committees

When kids start the day with breakfast in the classroom, #WellnessWins

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Get Moving

There are many ways that you can support your district’s wellness policy, starting today.
As a parent, you can:
  • Join the Voices for Health Kids Action Center School Wellness Team and advocate for healthier schools
  • Join the PTA and organize a healthy fundraiser
  • Send a healthy snack to school that complies with your school’s wellness policy
  • Serve healthy meals at home that reinforce what the school nutrition program is serving
  • Say “thank you” to the cafeteria staff, teachers or administrators who are creating a healthier school
As a community member, you can:
  • Join a school or district wellness committee
  • Join the Voices for Healthy Kids Action Center School Wellness Team and advocate for healthier wellness policies at your local school or district
  • Share feedback on your district’s wellness policy during the next revision cycle
  • Get the word out about the importance of health at school through social media

#WellnessWins Supporters

We thank our campaign supporters who are committed to working with the Alliance, and the American Heart Association’s Voices for Healthy Kids initiative to ensure that school districts are developing and implementing strong school wellness policies.

This campaign was supported by Cooperative Agreement Number 1 NU1ADP003091-01, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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