Out-of-School Time

Out-of-school time settings are the places where kids spend their time before and after school, during school breaks, and over the summer. These are prime environments where youth can be encouraged to eat healthier and move more.

Out-of-school time providers across the country are already supporting the healthy development of young people. To build on these efforts, we use our knowledge and experience to give staff the most comprehensive support to increase healthy eating and physical activity.

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Healthy Eating

A focus on healthy eating includes evaluating the snacks and beverages kids consume during the time they are in their out-of-school time setting. Healthy foods rich in nutrients will provide youth the energy they need for an active life.

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Physical Activity

Physical activity during out-of-school time can help kids achieve their recommended 60 minutes of physical activity a day. Out-of-school time environments may be the only place some youth feel engaged enough to participate.

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Youth Engagement

Engaging youth to be a part of your healthy changes helps sustain those changes. An invitation to be involved is welcomed by young people and gives them the confidence and self-respect to continue making healthy choices over time.

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Our trainings are visually-engaging, recorded presentations led by expert staff to provide guidance as you and your staff work toward your specific goals at your own pace.

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Our roadmaps give you an overview of standards, tell you why they are important, and offer first steps and resources to get you started developing your Action Plan.

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Our blog is dedicated to giving you the latest news and strategies to create a healthier out-of-school environment with quick, informative articles from our advisors.

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