Innovation Award for Health Care Provider Training and Education

Recognizing health professional training programs that are ahead of the curve in providing nutrition, physical activity and obesity counseling education to their students.

2017 Award Winners Will Be Announced April 9th at the Clinton Foundation’s Health Matters Summit

Did You Know?


Over 2/3 
of Americans are overweight or have obesity.


The U.S. spends
$305,100,000,000 annually on obesity-related disease. 


Fewer than 30% of the medical schools are meeting the minimum number of hours recommended by the National Academy of Sciences.


Less than 1/4
of physicians feel they received adequate training in counseling patients on diet or physical activity.


Many of America’s health care professionals are not prepared to consistently deliver effective counseling on maintaining a healthy weight, diet, and physical activity level, despite staggering rates of obesity and related chronic diseases. 


You are helping to change that. We want to celebrate you. 

The Innovation Award for Health Care Provider Training and Education


Schools or programs offering innovative training for future health care professionals

Schools or programs offering innovative professional development for current health care professionals

Student-led programs offering innovative student-led training or curricula

The Innovation Award is jointly hosted by: