C-Store Collaboration

In 2018, Healthier Generation and the Partnership for a Healthier America announced a joint effort with the American Beverage Association (ABA) and the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) to drive progress in their respective commitments to help Americans reduce sugar consumed from beverages by providing more beverage choice.

Through the collaboration, beverage manufacturers and retailers are working together on marketing, merchandising and distribution strategies to drive awareness and increase availability and purchases of zero- and reduced-sugar beverage options, including waters, in convenience stores across the country. 

This collaboration targets a key setting for shifting consumer behaviors, given that nearly half of convenience store customers state that their primary reason to go into a convenience store is to purchase a beverage, according to a NACS survey. 


Corner Store Forum

Healthier Generation is collaborating with National Association of Convenience Stores, Partnership for a Healthier America, and The Food Trust to transform the landscape of small format food retailers across the U.S. toward promotion and sales of healthier food and beverages. The Corner Store Forum brings together programs that partner with c-stores to network, learn, and share resources and best practices around marketing and selling healthier food and beverage products.