Staff Well-Being

Healthy employees are more productive, have more energy, are better able to manage stress, and are more likely to model healthy behaviors. By prioritizing employee wellness, schools can empower staff to feel their best while further supporting students' well-being

Effective employee wellness initiatives can:

  • Reduce staff stress

  • Boost morale, productivity, and effectiveness in the workplace

  • Reduce staff turnover and burnout

  • Reduce costs associated with staff healthcare and absenteeism

Begin improving your employee wellness initiative by selecting one of the topics below.


Assess Your Program

Assess the current status of your staff wellness offerings and determine your next steps for greater impact

Plan for Success

Learn how to effectively plan and communicate your wellness initiatives with staff

Evaluate Your Program

Evaluate and measure the results of your employee wellness program to determine your next steps

Reducing Secondary Traumatic Stress in the K-12 Workforce

In 2021, the Washington State Legislature passed SHB1363: Addressing Secondary Traumatic Stress in the K-12 Workforce. WSSDA created a policy and procedure to assist districts with supporting staff’s health and well-being while reducing secondary traumatic stress.