Health Promotion for Staff

Each day school staff dedicate time and energy to support their students’ health ‒ from incorporating nutrition education into classroom lessons to serving healthy meals with a smile in the cafeteria. But it’s just as important to remember that staff need their health supported, too. Here’s why:

  • Staff wellness programs help reduce stress and boost morale, productivity and effectiveness in the workplace.
  • Improving staff wellness can directly impact student health, not just through improved job performance, but also through positive role-modeling of healthy behaviors.
  • Teachers experience high rates of turnover and burnout; but by prioritizing employee wellness, schools can help staff feel that they are valued and appreciated.
  • Healthy employees can help schools’ bottom line by reducing costs associated with health care and absenteeism. 

Assess Your Program

Starting a staff wellness program or refreshing an existing program? Find out the current status of staff wellness offerings so you can get maximum your impact.

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Plan for Success

The success of your staff wellness program is dependent upon proper planning, promoting and communicating.

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Make Wellness a Priority

Making time for healthy at school will help your staff develop healthy habits during and after work hours and model good behavior to students.

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Evaluate your Program

Now it’s time to evaluate to measure your successes and challenges and to determine the future direction of your employee wellness program.

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Talk with Our Experts

Jill Turley is one of our National Nutrition Advisors. By contacting her, you can ask questions, learn best practices and get started creating a healthier school environment.

Get to know Jill | Connect with Jill | @rdjill

Lisa Perry is our National Physical Education/Physical Activity Senior Advisor and is here to answer your questions, give you suggestions and point you in the right direction.

Get to know Lisa | Connect with Lisa | @pe4_u


Health Promotion for Staff

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