Wellness Policies

When schools have effective policies and practices that support the health of their students and staff; absenteeism decreases, concentration improves, and behavior problems are reduced.  - National School Boards Association 

School wellness policies are vital to making the healthy choice, the easy choice on school campuses. They provide an opportunity for schools and districts to create and support a healthy school environment and promote student and staff health. Effective wellness policies make physical activity, healthy eating and staff wellness programs, sustainable practices.

Convene Your Committee

Build support with a wellness committee made up of diverse points of view.

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Refresh Your Policy

Wellness policies establish the foundation for health-promoting practices throughout your school district.

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Put Policy into Practice

Wellness policies require action and continuous evaluation at the school level.

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Evaluate and Communicate

Reporting on your school's progress keeps everyone on track and motivated to continue meeting your goals

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