School Wellness Committees

A school wellness committee is an action-oriented advisory group that focuses on the health and well-being of students, staff, and families in a school community. The school wellness committee implements the district wellness policy and leads other health-related initiatives. 

School wellness committees may also:

  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of district health and wellness policies and programs
  • Advise the school board or district on related school or community health issues
  • Organize health-promoting programs or events in the district or community

Healthier Generation recommends every school form a wellness committee to ensure a healthy school environment for all. 


3 Steps to Form a School Wellness Committee

Step 1: Build a Team

A school wellness committee should consist of 6-12 members and include school staff, students, families, and community members. The committee should represent the diversity of your community and include people that have a passion for children's health, have an influence in the school and community, and have time to commit to supporting the committee's goals.  

Tips to get started:


Step 2: Start Recruiting

Once you've identified potential committee members, it’s time to invite them to join your team. Email, snail mail, or hand deliver a Wellness Council Invitation to each prospective team member.

Don’t forget: your committee needs may change based on action plan priorities, school needs, and district goals; be prepared to recruit new members to join the committee as-needed to support your goals. 


Step 3: Plan a Meeting

Once your wellness committee is formed, use Healthier Generation's Healthy Schools Program Leader’s Guide to create your action plan. Start by scheduling at least four committee meetings throughout the school year.

Once you've formed your school wellness committee, it's time to begin working on your local school wellness policy