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Our school leadership team wanted to focus on staff wellbeing initiatives recognizing that our staff are dealing with many challenges. We prioritized several criteria TSIA (Thriving Schools Integrated Assessment) including; opportunities for staff to build relationships with each other, opportunities for staff to display gratitude, and spaces for staff to relax and build relationships. We wanted to address connectedness, overall wellness support, and improve positive work culture. We carved out a little space for staff to have to support their own wellbeing. We also created wellness kits for every classroom that staff can use either alone or with their students. Materials included, healthy snacks, mindfulness decks, adult coloring books, cards for calm, yoga deck cards, mindfulness journal, fidgets, essential oils, and mini handheld massagers.
The entire staff has been impacted by remodeling our staff room. Staff felt valued, appreciated, and stated how grateful they were to receive the kits and have space to go even for a few moments to recharge. Administration had never prioritized wellness in the past, so this was a big culture shift. Staff were given time to check in with their bodies and mental health and by learning and practicing the techniques together, we can remind one another or do them and support our wellbeing as a school. 
We did not get 100% participation from our connection events. We found that some staff were burdened by childcare issues or needing to leave directly after work. We suggest asking staff what types of things they would be interested in so that we can include more staff (and even their families) and consider various times and days of the week to meet others’ schedules. Similarly, consider what types of selfcare others might like, some people like physical activity, some might like mindfulness – so really trying to think about supporting all diverse types of activities to meet peoples varying needs.

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