Oregon is one of only three states in the continental U.S. to border the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Northwest state is known for its diverse landscape that includes coastline, mountains, dense forests and sprawling desert. Its various landscapes make it popular with hikers, boaters and skiers alike.

Despite the many ways for its residents to maintain active habits, more than a quarter of Oregon’s youth are overweight or obese, putting them at risk for serious health problems.

Thanks to support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Kaiser Permanente, USDA Farm to School Grant Program and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation is working with communities throughout the state to make it easier for kids to lead healthier lives.


Our Work in Oregon

In Oregon, we’re making it easier for kids to develop healthy habits.

Over 520 schools serving more than 250,000 students across the state have joined Healthier Generation's Healthy Schools Program, creating healthier school environments for children to thrive. Since 2007, 58 Oregon schools have been recognized with National Healthy Schools Awards for their outstanding efforts.

We’ve also made it easier for more than 56,000 youth in 49 out-of-school time programs to eat right and move more through our Healthy Out-of-School Time Initiative.


Success Stories

Hear from a school champion from just one of the many schools and districts we work with in Oregon: Mooberry Elementary School, enrolled in the Healthy Schools Program since 2014.


Connecting with other schools under the leadership of Healthier Generation's Program Manager gave us the extra encouragement and ideas to achieve new health goals.

Beth Russell
School Counselor, Mooberry Elementary School


Program Managers

Julia Tycer

Regional Program Manager

Contact us and make your contribution to children's health in Oregon.

Soudary Kittivong-Greenbaum
[email protected]