Nearly 27 million people call the state of Texas home, making it the second largest and most populous state in the U.S. Over its more than 260,000 square miles,* Texas landscapes flow from arid deserts to prairies, forests, and a rich coastline that feeds into the Gulf of Mexico.

Despite the state’s scenic landscapes, it bears a less flattering attribute: Texas is the most obese state in the U.S. for children. More than 1 in 3 children and adolescents in Texas is obese, putting them at risk for serious health problems.

Additionally, the significant racial and ethnic disparities that exist in obesity prevalence among U.S. children are pronounced in Texas’s diverse communities: Nearly 39 percent of the state’s residents are Hispanic or Latino.*

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation, thanks to support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is working with communities throughout the state to make it easier for kids to lead healthier lives.

*Source: U.S. Census Bureau


Our Work in Texas

In Texas, we’re making it easier for kids to develop healthy habits.

More than 2,900 schools serving almost 2.2 million students across the state have joined Healthier Generation’s Healthy Schools Program, creating healthier school environments for children to thrive. Since 2007, 278 Texas schools have been recognized with National Healthy Schools Awards for their outstanding efforts.

We’ve also made it easier for over 30,000 youth in 223 out-of-school time programs to eat right and move more through our Healthy Out-of-School Time Initiative.


Success Stories

Hear from school champions from just three of the many schools we work with in Texas: James Bowie Elementary School, enrolled in the Healthy Schools Program since 2010; Margaret B. Henderson Elementary School, enrolled since 2009; and Edward Titche Elementary School, enrolled since 2011.


Healthier Generation is the cornerstone of what we’re doing at school. Its guidelines assist a school in becoming healthier; any school that wants to become a healthy school environment, should really join Healthier Generation. It helps students, staff, parents and the school community.

Sharon Foster
Physical Education Teacher, James Bowie Elementary School

Healthier Generation’s Healthy Schools Program was perfect for us. Not only were we promoting health at school, but we wanted our parents to know the risks if we ignored the health issues that are out here.

Ida Escobedo
Principal, Margaret B. Henderson Elementary School

I know we're making a difference when I see pre-Kindergarten students tell adults how to eat more healthfully.

Susan Rhine
School Nurse, Edward Titche Elementary School


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Soudary Kittivong-Greenbaum