Fitness Breaks – Powered by the Wasserman Foundation

Soccer Sprint
with MLS Star Brad Evans

Can you keep up with Brad Evans of the Seattle Sounders FC? He’s kicking it into high gear…

with WNBA Star Jewell Loyd

Race against the clock during this two-minute Fitness Break tailored for the classroom, out-of-school time, or on-the-go.

The Mirror Challenge
with Jason and Jarron Collins

Find a buddy for this Fitness Break and get moving with twin brothers and former NBA players Jason and Jarron Collins.

Classroom Soccer Coach
with LA Galaxy Star Ema Boateng

It’s all about high knees and quick feet in this fast-paced and energizing two-minute Fitness Break.


Dr. John E. Moore, Pediatrician

Adriene Haynes, OST Provider

Kaseir Archie, Student

Healthy Schools. Better Learners

Our Healthy Schools Program

Healthy kids have higher attendance rates, higher test scores and behave better in class. Tens of thousands of schools nationwide are using our Healthy Schools Program to make this the norm at school. This is their story as much as ours.

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A Second Chance at Success in NYC

West Side High School is a transfer school, designed to meet the needs of students that have not found success in traditional high school settings. They are working to provide their 551 students with a place they can learn, eat healthier and move more.

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Coaching for Health in Georgia

Coach Tom Adam is changing the way his students view physical activity at Sprout Springs School of Enrichment in Flowery Branch, Georgia. Tom see his school as a place where kids learn and one of those lessons he hopes they learn is how to live healthily.

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Health in Southern States

“Boring” is not a term students in the Healthy Schools Program use to describe living healthily. In the South, students and staff are making health a priority by making nutrition not only accessible but also exciting.

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Transforming School Health In Philly

In the words of Anne Frank's Principal Mickey Komins, "We all want our students to be better in reading and math. But we believe that if we prioritize the health of the student it will increase their interest in school.

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Cooking Up Healthy Habits in NYC

West Side High School In New York's Upper West Side is not just offering healthier foods to students, but also educating students on why healthy eating can support success in all areas of their lives.

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Spin It to Win It


Active Bodies = Active Minds