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For Schools, Students, Parents & More…

The Healthier Generation Store with Amazon Business makes it easy to meet the USDA Smart Snacks in School Guidelines*, even outside of the cafeteria. Shop from our wide range of compliant products, with business-only pricing on select items. Designed to support teachers, parents, administrators, student groups, and school food service professionals, the Healthier Generation Store can assist as they look to:

Close the “Healthy Snack Gap”

Your zip code should not hamper the ability to serve healthier products to kids. We know it’s harder for some school staff, teachers, students groups and PTAs to access healthier snacks – not anymore.

Save Time

Meeting the USDA Smart Snacks in School Standards can be challenging if you are not sure which products meet the guidelines or if you have to spend valuable staff time tracking down the right products – not anymore.

Support Healthier Kids

Healthy kids learn better! But it can be difficult to find a variety of healthier products that promote more nourishing celebrations and events – not anymore.


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We used to have to drive over an hour, one-way, to purchase compliant snacks. Now, everything is delivered directly to us and we are assured that every item is Smart Snacks compliant.
Mary Lewelling, Pemiscot County Initiative & District Wellness Coordinator, Cooter and Hayti School Districts

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*These products were determined to meet nutrition standards by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation based upon products’ ingredient statement and Nutrition Facts panel. All purchasing must be made in accordance with federal, state, and local procurement regulations. Procurement regulations are highly complex. The Healthier Generation Store was created to provide schools and sites with an option that may help them more easily access products that meet nutritional guidelines. We encourage schools and sites to connect with their district/organization procurement/purchasing department and/or State agency if they have questions regarding compliance with federal, state and/or local procurement regulations.