April 28, 2022

3 Meaningful Ways to #ThankATeacher During Teacher Appreciation Week

Show your gratitude for teachers’ unwavering commitment to their students’ success and well-being.

Teacher Appreciation Week is observed May 2-6 this year. Teachers play a crucial role in our children’s lives, and their impact extends far beyond the classroom. They are vital members of our communities year-round. As mentors and role models, teachers can help students develop healthy habits that support a bright and successful future.

Is there a teacher in your life who deserves some recognition? Show your appreciation with one of these simple acts of gratitude this week and all year long! 

1. Give the gift of encouragement

Put a smile on a teacher’s face and let them know how much you believe in them. Try one of these ideas or show your appreciation in your own creative way:

  • Send a teacher a card or note and tell them something specific that you appreciate about them.
  • Create a poster for your teacher to display in their office or classroom to welcome students.
  • Help your child make art inspired by something they’ve learned to give to a teacher.

2. Let school leaders know how grateful you are

Telling a teacher how much you appreciate them will go a long way, but don’t stop there. Call or email your school administrators and your local school board with positive feedback about your child’s educators and their amazing dedication to students and families.

3. Offer your time and talents

Offer your time and talents to support teachers’ health and wellness. This is a practical way to let them know you value their commitment to creating a thriving learning environment. Volunteer to coordinate a healthy fundraiser, stock the staff lounge with healthy snacks, or offer to shop for non-food rewards teachers can use with students. There are so many schools!

Bonus tip! Host a lunch or picnic celebrating teachers

Enlist fellow volunteers to organize a potluck that will help teachers refuel with a healthy meal. Try a taco or salad bar for a quick, buffet-style meal that offers plenty of fresh fruit and veggie options. Decorate the space with messages of appreciation from students and family members and plan some opportunities for joyful movement together. Use this potluck form as a template to help families in your school community know what to bring!


How will you #ThankATeacher this week? Let us know! Tag @HealthierGen in your Teacher Appreciation Week photos and messages on social media!