May 3, 2022

4 Ways to Help Educators Pause and Reflect

Use these resources to reconnect with your strength, values, and purpose as an educator.

The first week of May marks the intersection of two very important events: Mental Health Awareness Month and Teacher Appreciation week. We know that across the nation, educators like you are experiencing unprecedented levels of work-related stress. During these times, it can feel nearly impossible to remember why this work matters to you and to deeply understand the difference you make in the lives of the youth and families you serve. We want you to know that we see and appreciate you, just as you are. 

We invite you to take five minutes to pause and appreciate yourself -- by reconnecting with your strength, values, and purpose. We have some ideas below to get you started. Pull these out now or anytime you need a gentle reminder that you are doing great things.  

Thank you for all you do to ensure every mind, every body, and every young person is healthy and ready to succeed. 

Map Your Strengths: 

When we are stressed, we tend to overemphasize our “flaws” and deemphasize our strengths. Take five minutes to map out your strengths and identify how they show up for your students and colleagues. 

Re-root Yourself in Your Core Values: 

Our values keep us centered on our ‘why’, which is easy to lose sight of when stress is high. Take five minutes to identify your core values and make a list of work activities that are in alignment with your values. You can also do this with your team to foster deeper connection and collective meaning. 

Reflect on Your Why 

You are an educator for a reason and that reason still exists, even if it feels far away. Use this resource to reflect on your Big Why and make a small commitment to re-centering it in your workday. 

Set A Boundary 

Boundaries can be very difficult to maintain, especially in a field that demands so much of our emotional energy. Take this quick e-learning on boundary setting and use the accompanying tool to identify one thing you will say “yes” to and, consequently, what that means you will say “no” to. 


How will you pause this week? Let us know by tagging @HealthierGen in your photos and messages on social media!