October 15, 2015

6 Scream-Worthy Ways to Have an Active Hallows’ Eve

Pull out the costumes and turn up the tunes – it’s time to celebrate Halloween in an active way! Don’t let ghoulish weather ruin the fun – check out our creative ideas for celebrating Halloween at school no matter what Mother Nature has in store. Find these and more healthy holiday ideas on our Pinterest page.


Spooky Ideas to Get Moving Indoors

If the ghoulish weather is forcing you indoors, bring the spookiness of the dark and stormy skies into the school building and try one of our active Halloween celebration ideas.

1. Halloween-Themed Freeze Dance

Invite students to show off their spookiest dance moves to classic Halloween tunes and freeze in place each time you turn off the music. Ask anyone who doesn’t freeze or maintain their pose to do 10 jumping jacks before rejoining the game.


2. Mummy Wrapping Contest

Divide the class into teams of three, and ask one person to volunteer to be “mummified.”  Start the timer and have the groups compete to see who can use up their roll of toilet paper first. Award prizes to the team who wraps their mummy the fastest and the team who wraps the best mummy.


3. Musical Graves

Give the classic musical chairs game a Halloween twist by playing spooky music and swapping “graves” for chairs. Each time a student gets out, instead of sitting down, have them keep moving by coming up with spooky dance moves to the music.



Scary Ways to Celebrate Outside

If the weather allows, move the party outdoors to give your classroom’s ghosts and ghouls a little more room to fly!


4. Eyeball Hunt

Similar to an Easter-egg hunt, hide plastic eyeballs around the playground and let the students run around to find them. Add some competition by crowning the student who collects the most eyeballs within a certain time the winner.


5. Statue Spook

Tell students to pose as a scary statue and designate one person to get the statues to smile or laugh by doing something active such as walking like a monster. Once a statue breaks their pose, they too become a statue spook-er. Last statue standing wins the game.


6. Monster Mile

Challenge the whole school to walk or run a mile while wearing their Halloween costumes. Celebrate at the finish line with healthy treats like tangerine jack o’lanterns (Make sure costumes and sneakers are appropriate for the activity)!

Be sure to check out our Healthy Holidays Pinterest board for more tips on how to make this Halloween the most active one yet!