June 6, 2017

8 Summer Health Tips from Alliance All Stars

Summer provides a perfect time to recharge, relax and appreciate warmer, longer days. Whether you’re enjoying a break from school, a fun family vacation or quality time with friends, it’s important to practice healthy habits!

We asked our Alliance All Stars to share their best tips for keeping healthy all summer long:

1. Choose Active Transportation

“During the summer I like to walk to my summer activities instead of having my parents drive me. This helps me get more steps in per day.” — Reagan, Age 13, Pierre, SD


2. Seize the Day

“Always make the most out of the day by getting up at a reasonable time. It gives you time to slip in a good breakfast and healthy lunch!” — Aj, Age 16, Snohomish, WA


3. Join a Summer Activity

“I’m on my local dance team and we practice four days a week! While at the local gym, I also whip out some jumping jacks, sit ups and push-ups on a nice day!” — Lyla, Age 14, Green Bay, WI


4. Vote Yes on Veggies

“Just because it’s summer, we can’t stop eating veggies! Try making a fruit smoothie with a big handful of spinach or kale. I also go crazy for cucumbers because they have a lot of water in them — they’re crispy and refreshing.” — Jackie, Age 17, Boca Raton, FL


5. Stay Sun Safe

“I try to remember to always bring sunscreen with me and use it when I’m outside with my friends. It’s really important to take that easy step to protect yourself in the sun.” — August, Age 16, Richmond, CA


6. Walking + Water = Win

“My healthy summer tip is to walk a mile every day and drink lots of water to stay hydrated.” — Keydra, Age 16, Ridgeway, SC


7. Swap Your Snacks

“During summer vacation, it is important that unhealthy snacks like ice cream be replaced with healthier alternatives, such as fruits! Fruits are incredibly refreshing and provide great energy for physical activity.” — Nadya, Age 16, Piscataway, NJ


8. Enjoy the Great Outdoors

“Stay healthy this summer by simply heading outside! Whether it’s walking or jogging at the park, or swimming at the pool, there are lots of activities that you can do outside to help you stay active.” — Diego, Age 18, Ada, OK

How do you stay healthy in the summer? Share your tips with us @HealthierGen!